Education Policy Reform

Education Policy in the US We fail the United States Education system by directing our attempts to improve academic performance by attempting to fix a systemic problem while focusing on its surface issue: standardized testing. If standardized test scores are what really matter, then why shouldn’t teachers dedicate the majority of the school year to … Continue reading Education Policy Reform


Poisonous Apples

What have we learned from the infamous tale of Snow White if not that we shouldn’t trust all apples to provide equal benefit to our health? In a land where science permits us to preserve our food’s shelf life, it would be ignorant not to question what we are putting into our bodies. Certainly, not … Continue reading Poisonous Apples

Education Policy in the US

In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled that “separate but equal” was unconstitutional Brown v. Board of Education. Unfortunately, education integration remained more complex than a legal decision. In fact, “[s]ince the mid-1970s, the American public schools have become more segregated, and have regressed to a pre-Brown pattern of segregation” (Ikpa & McGuire 2009). A perpetuator … Continue reading Education Policy in the US

Risk Analysis Tool Kit for Latin America

Latin America has not failed to try at innovation, but it has tried and failed. Despite its good intentions, Latin America faces specific shortcomings. Market failures, a lack of synchronization between government and businesses, and low levels of education make Latin America fall short. Additionally, universities lose their mission-oriented goal to acquire knowledge in light … Continue reading Risk Analysis Tool Kit for Latin America

Innovative Strategies to Promote Academic Success

In his book, Effective Educational Environments, Jean Stockard examines classroom environmental factors that promote student achievement. Stockard approaches these factors from a social, psychological, and then physical environment in the schools. Stockard also notes that, “Completion of certain levels of schooling, more than simply learning a given amount of material, facilitates entry into occupations” (Stockard … Continue reading Innovative Strategies to Promote Academic Success

Positive Education Positive Education is a new trend in the field of Education that introduces the science of positive psychology into the school curriculum. Dr. Martin Seligman is the pioneer of both positive psychology and positive education. He has successfully seen his research-oriented approach implemented at the Geelong Grammar School in Australia. In Seligman's book, Flourish, he explains … Continue reading Positive Education