Poisonous Apples

What have we learned from the infamous tale of Snow White if not that we shouldn’t trust all apples to provide equal benefit to our health? In a land where science permits us to preserve our food’s shelf life, it would be ignorant not to question what we are putting into our bodies. Certainly, not all pesticides or preservatives should warrant concern. Salt serves as both a pesticide and a preservative, naturally occurring in our oceans, while battling specific strains of bacteria and prolonging the life of our food.


Similar to the way Cigarette companies put addictive substances inside of their products, food processing plants add addictive quantities to their products like excessive sugar. Being addicted to food may have more to do with the food you are eating than the problem from which you are trying to escape. A positive alternative to alleviate this concern is to select whole foods from the grocery store and cook them at home.


What can we learn from a national chain like Chipotle which prides itself on a lack of artificial ingredients while exposing its customers to E. Coli and Staph infections? This past weekend, my husband and I obtained our burrito bowls at a great cost to our comfort and health. The lack of preservatives used in their chicken allowed toxins to build while it remained on the counter. The way that our bodies rejected the food demonstrates that banning preservatives in our foods comes at a price. Fortunately, we are not required to adequately weigh the harms of pesticides in our food versus the absence of it. One of the best ways to avoid poisonous apples today is to select them so fresh that preserving them is not required.


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